Love is what makes our artisan marshmallows distinctive, and  LOTS of crazy creativity is where the madness comes in! Welcome

Life has been busy in our little marshmallow world! From holiday season 2016, we have been vending at local markets in SC almost non-stop until very recently. And the really awesome news is that the SCDA has APPROVED our kitchen for business 🙂 Labor was not hired out, except for plumbing, so the process took a bit of time, but we are thrilled!! Check it out:

We have a couple of potential wholesaling opportunities that we are currently investigating, and our site is now shopping cart enabled, so we are excited to serve you!

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*FYI* Clicking on the ‘Pure Decadence’ slider will take you to an ingredient page which lists each marshmallow with its corresponding ingredients under the category in which that product has been placed. The ‘Customer Favorites’ slider… well, how silly… that’s self explanatory, isn’t it?!    But, if you would like to learn more about the ‘goings on’ around here, then click above on ‘Love * Peace * Marshmallows!’ That’s our about page… or heck,  you can just click here:  about

We soooo enjoy creating unique and mouthwatering confections for you and your loved ones to savor. Contact us if you have questions or special requests; we’ll do our best to accommodate. Thanks for visiting!