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We create small batch, artisanal marshmallows and mallow products in mad scientist fashion! In other words, we have tons of fun with exotic flavor pairings. We most enjoy offering interesting sweets that appeal to adults… designer delicacies, if you will. BUT, we would never forget your children! There is nothing quite like that intense look of pure joy on the face of a child after discovering something wonderful.

We LOVE our farmers markets and vended under another name via this local arena (selling baked goods) for several years. When the effort started feeling a bit stagnant and lax, we decided to develop something more specialized… marshmallows! There is just a noteworthiness about that unique, crazy idea that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and be creative! SO, we decided to make our world a marshmallow world, not only “in the winter,” but all throughout the year. That, of course, was a song reference; you’ll find many of those in our products… even our tagline is one!

Clemson University’s product testing lab tested our basic products for water activity. The lab concluded that our products are non-potentially hazardous and shelf stable. You may rest assured that the products you find here are safe and delicious! We use as many organic ingredients as we can, as well as natural flavorings, 100% juices, etc. And, since so many people are leery of corn syrup, we make our own golden syrup (an invert sugar) to use in our recipes. Check out the process video on our ‘ingredients’ page: ingredients We also use non GMO cornstarch in our confectioners’ sugar coating mixtures.

FYI, if our marshmallows are kept airtight, they are best consumed within 2-3 weeks. Having said that, if you purchase the Pomegranate Margarita ones, you’ll quite possibly eat them all in one sitting What you are probably unaware of is that marshmallows freeze extremely well. Place them in a freezer safe zip bag or other airtight container, and they will keep indefinitely. Just remove what you need and allow to sit at room temp for about 20 minutes. Simple as that!

We will happily entertain bulk orders, so please consider us for your entertaining and event needs. Feel free to message us with queries. You may do so on our contact page.

Mallows & Madness is a limited liability company registered in the state of South Carolina.

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